Saturday, March 29, 2014

Is it ok to drill a lock?

Today was busy for a Saturday! Saved yet another customer from being taken advantage of by the "scammer locksmiths". The guy told this lady that the lock could not be picked......without even trying and that it had to be drilled and replaced.

I had the lock picked within 10 min and had her back in her house. I will admit that not every lock can be picked easily. I will also admit that there have been a few times I have had to drill a lock. I ALWAYS try to pick the lock first, any legitimate locksmith will.

Sometimes locks just refuse to pick in a reasonable amount of time and drilling is necessary. At some point there comes a time when you just have to do what needs to be done to get someone out of the elements and back into their home.

You don't go to step B before you get done with A. If you hire a "Locksmith" out and he or she comes walking up to your door automatically with a drill and a drill bit, tells you that locks cant be picked that's only in movies, SEND THEM HOME.